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Pyromaniacfeline17 did this on one of her other sites, and it looked like fun, and I haven't updated or anything in awhile, so I'm doin' it.

Write out the names of your characters and explain
1) how you thought of their name
2) what made you create the character in the first place
3) how the character has changed over time (if they have changed)
4) any random fun fact about that character

Dyranos Chelar Kuruna
1)Honestly, I made it up as I went along.  I do that for most of my names actually.
2)Well...Originally, his name was Dairunos, which was playing off of Dais...And Kuruna is, technically, my bastardization of Kuroda.  So he was at first my version of Dais.
3) Then I changed what he looked like...then I talked to FG and changed his name to Dyranos, and changed his middle name from something illusion-oriented to Time-Fighter.  And now he is forever that.  His personality has also changed from "evil Warlord" to peaceful elf.
4) He was raised as a prostitute, which makes for some interesting scenes between him and anyone who considers themself a homophobe...because he doesn't care.

Setsuna Sheiko Sanda
1) I made her name up too.  But I've changed the meaning of her middle and last name 60 times.
2) She was originally my fanfiction character that was a MEGA Mary-Sue.  She was Ryo's long lost sister and head over heels for Dais.  I even had Dais turn traitor against Talpa because he loved her back. *hangs head in shame* Yes, I know.  It was bad.
3) She has gone from being a half Desert Elf/half tiger-shapeshifter with her brother (yes, Ryo) to being a Forest Elf fighting a bloody war with the Desert Elves.  Yes, random, I know.  But I didn't have Forest Elves for a while and then I decided that Forest Elves would have storm magic while Desert Elves wouldn't.
4) She giggles hysterically when a guy with a deep voice starts talking.  Ex: Josh Turner.…

Hercules Shoomoa Kuruna
1 & 2) An old friend of mine and I were kinda sorta roleplaying and Dais and Setsuna had a son.  >.<; He grabbed hold of Dais' hair and wouldn't let go, thus he was dubbed Hercules like the Greek (I think it's Greek) God because Dais couldn't make him let go either.  After Dais evolved all the way into Dyranos, Hercules still had his name, but he aqcuired a middle name.  Although, he prefers to be called just Herc.
3) So he went from being this cute infant, to a toddler, and then suddenly he was an Elven teenager at just over 100 and a big jerk who's totally full of himself.  :shrug:  I have no idea how it happened either, it just did.
4) He gets his butt whooped by a girl.  Who's less than a quarter of his age.

Kellyn Wolfsbane
1 & 2 &3)  So..Kellyn was originally my version of Cale. >.<; I know, dumb, right?  But he's gone from completely perverted old man Warlord who happens to be a werewolf into a werewolf who enjoys some good company now and again.  His name also went from Cale to Caleb and then to Kellyn.  I like Kellyn better. :D
4) He get STOOPID when he hangs out with my centaur character, Jongo.  I mean, burn the house down on purpose stupid.

Jongo Earthmover
1) Well, most people make their centaur characters wise and smart and all that jazz.  Jongo....isn't.  So he got a simple and fun name.  Because that's what he is, simple and fun.
2) I had to write a short story for a Creative Writing class in high school.  I ended up scrapping my first idea because it was going to be WAY too long, and writing about a centaur that goes around and saves people.
3) He....hasn't changed much actually.  I wrote him in the short story, the teacher said tht I'd seemed to have worked out the character for a long time, and he's stayed pretty much the same.
4) His first name was Kento! :giggle:  It was the first name that came to mind, so I used it.

Shossin Yahmk'sha
1) Again, I totally made it up.  His last name means Snake-child.  Because he's a Snake-man-thingy. :XD:
2) I wanted a snake-like character that was a good healer, and Shossin was born.
3) His name was first Ssekhmase.  Which I decided meant...Guardian-of-People or something like that.  He went from being a violent snake-thingy to a Healer that chooses not to use his strength to hurt people.....unless they hurt his mate or his hatchlings.  :ninja: Ten you'd better run.
4) He likes to spit a poison that makes you fall asleep.  Seriously.  Ask Dyranos. :nods:

Cassandra Cartright
1) I wrote down the first name that came to mind.  Seriously.  And then I realized how cliche it was because she dreams the future. :giggle:
2) :shrug: Shossin needed a mate.  
3) ah....she went from being nothing but a name to a whole character that I plan on writing into my story.
4) She hates vegetables.  She'll feed them to her brother....or Kellyn...either way.

Hercules Cartright
1) I picked the first name that cam into my head.  Hercules and little Herc never meet, so it keeps me from getting too confused.
2) I thought I needed a swordsman, and what better way to have a swordsman than as Cassandra's twin brother.
3) um...he hasn't changed all.
4) He is the only completely gay character I have at this point in time.  I've got others in the works, but they probably won't ever meet him.  Poor guy.

I have a few other characters, but I really don't feel like sharing everyone.  Oh, by the way, if you steal my people, I will hunt you down and smack you with a fish. :shakefish:
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